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Any further questions? Ask the shrimp!

Middle School Segregates Class Elections by Race

Thinking about running for eighth grade class president at Nettleton Middle School in Nettleton, Mississippi? Well... are you white? Because only white kids are allowed to run for president. Black kids can be vice-president, though! But only black kids.

A few days ago, Nettleton Middle School students brought home the following memo, which spells out the requirements for students who want to run for class office:

Okay, so obtain 10 signatures from classmates... check. Maintain a B average... check. Have "good disciplinary status and moral character"... okay, I haven't sexted anyone recently, check. White... ch... what? They must mean, like... wears white clothing? Right? Or like... the color... of their lockers? Right? Uh, well, not really.

When one Nettleton mother approached the school board, wondering—among other things, obviously—which "category" her mixed-race kids (Italian and Native American) fell under, she was told the following:

They told me that they "Go by the mother's race b/c with minorities the father isn't generally in the home." They also told me that " a city court order is the reason why it is this way."

Ah. Blogger Suzy Richardson, who first reported this story on her website, later called the school vice principal, and confirmed that the policy is in place. It's still unclear what the reasoning behind it is, though—some kind of utterly misguided attempt at affirmative action? Plain old racism? Hilarious satire? The school has since put up a "media statement" on its website, which reads:

"Student elections have not yet been held at Nettleton Middle School for the 2010-2011 school term. The processes and procedures for student elections are under review. We are reviewing the origin of these processes, historical applications, compliance issues, as well as current implications and ramifications. A statement will be released when review of these processes is complete."

Thank You

Russell Taylor


What is this. I can't....what.

eta: The school district's website with the "media statement"
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