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This is not the standard ONTD_P post.

In 1984, a National Commission on the Disappearance of Persons (CONADEP, in Spanish) was set up to investigate allegations of torture, rape, murder and 'disappearances' by the Argentine military and police in the period 1976 to 1983. Following the Commission, a report was released to deliver their findings. It was called Nunca Más - Never Again.

I've read it. My parents don't know that I've read it, and I've always suspected it would break their hearts to find out - they remember this, they lived this, they spent many years trying to be sure my brothers, my sister and I, being too young to remember any of it, never knew the full extent of what was done. Nevertheless, I have a copy of the published report.

I've found a good English translation online. The first time I read it I had to run off and be sick, but it makes fascinating reading
Tags: argentina, fuck the police, military, police brutality

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