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I want to thank sgrio for bringing this to my attention. This isn't something that's usually allowed, but I think it's ok to bend the rules once in a while.:

liminalia's daughter ran away from home. She's asking as many LJers as possible to spread the word. I copy-pasted the info and uploaded the pics to my Photobucket Pro account for your convenience.:

This is my daughter Morgan. She's 16 and she ran away from home yesterday. Friends say she hopped a Megabus to the Carbondale, IL area to attend the upcoming Rainbow Gathering Oct. 1.



She may change her destination if she knows she is being looked for. She's supposedly traveling with 2 guys named Tim and Josh, both Caucasian, early 20s or late teens, one with a "cholo tear" tattoo near his eye. She's 5'5", 120#, reddish-blonde hair, long bangs and sidelocks, short in back, always wears her jean vest with studs and patches on it. She may be begging for spare change. If you see her, *please* contact me ( bifemmefatale@livejournal.com ) and the police! 16 is too young to be running around the country on her own. I'm very worried for her safety. Thanks in advance. Her dad says she left her pack with him, so all she has is what she was wearing: the vest in the pic, a Cannibal Corpse hoodie, a black lace-trimmed cami, jeans and ankle-length black leather boots.


Even if you're not in Illinois, please repost this to your LJ's, other LJ communities, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Tumblr! Tell family and friends in the area to look out! The more this goes around, the better! Thanks in advance ONTD_P!

ETA: Here's the latest info from bifemmefatale

No new word from or about Mo. The bus she was on does not actually stop in Carbondale. She may have gotten off in St. Louis or Columbia, MO, so any extra eyes in those areas would be welcome. She may go somewhere else entirely now that she knows we are looking for her at the Rainbow Gathering. I have heard that some of her gutterpunk friends are wintering in Texas. She could, frankly, be headed for any city anywhere in the US at this point.

I have left a message for her at 1-800-runaway, and if she calls there they will provide her with a way to get a message to me, conflict mediation, or, if she so chooses, a free ride home.

Thank you so much to all of you who have crossposted--the response has been overwhelming and touching.

ETA 2: Morgan was spotted by a couple different people in Murphysboro IL tonight!! Please keep looking near there! She is with 2 guys, Tim and Josh. Tim has a tear tattoo and a gang tat on his arm. They are probably hitching.

CALL POLICE. Then call me 630-508-0112!

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