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Child Pornography Ring in Paraguay's Largest Prison, Busted

Authorities in Paraguay said they found child pornography on a computer in the country's largest prison -- and suspect it was filmed inside a tiny room there.

The director of the Tacumbu prison has been suspended, the country's justice ministry said in a statement Friday, and federal officials are investigating the management of the facility.

Prosecutors said at least two inmates met their victims on social networking sites, found out information about their families and blackmailed them into coming to the prison. Then, they filmed them.

"The place where they did this was in the prison ... We have been able to confirm that inside, there was a room, a very small space, where they made these films," prosecutor Teresa Sosa said.

Authorities are investigating "all the information in this serious case," the justice ministry's statement said, in order to determine how pornographic materials entered the prison and who was responsible for manipulating them and circulating them.

Officials who work in the prison, which is located in Asuncion -- Paraguay's capital -- will also be investigated, the statement said.


Mijares - AHN News Contributor
Asuncion, Paraguay (AHN) - Though he strongly denies any participation, Tacumbu prison director, Julio Acevedo, has been suspended after authorities found rooms featured in the porn videos as the same as the cell blocks inside the prison.

Tacumba prison is the largest penitentiary in Paraguay, nestled in the capital city of Asuncion and notoriously known for having poor infrastructure, being overcrowded housing 3,000 inmates most of whom are mental patients and those unjustly imprisoned, with inadequate food, healthcare and the prison itself, seriously lacking a computer register.

The investigation came about after two underaged girls and a 19 year old girl came forward and told authorities that inmates from the prison would look for the girls in their Facebook accounts and locate their homes through Google Earth then proceed to threaten to kill or rape their family members.

The girls would then visit the prison as alleged relatives of the inmates, led to the makeshift cellblock porno studios where they are stripped and then coerced or intimidated into having sexual acts while being filmed.

Prosecutor Teresa Martinez believes that it is impossible for Acevedo and other prison officials not to have knwon of this. Two inmates and a third who was on parole, are said to be behind the operation.

"In two cellbocks there were sets where explicit sex was filmed. There were machines and connections to download them to the Internet. They had film and digital cameras," Martinez said.

Acevedo acknowledged that the prison's security codes, could have been cracked enabling the culprits to download their child porno films on the net

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