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Support Pony Black

Trigger Warning: the post contains descriptions and of police brutality and physical assault while the source link as well as the FB event has a really horrifying photo of Pony's injuries after the assault.

If you live near Olympia, please attend Pony’s arraignment in solidarity. Wednesday, October 6, 9 am. Olympia Municipal Court: 909 8th Ave SE. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=161008403925978

Everyone, everywhere, please spread the word. It is too often that acts of violence by the police go unnoticed because they are committed against women, queers, people of color, poor people, disabled people, and others low on Amerikkka’s hierarchies. Do not let them take away our voices. ACAB.

From Pony’s facebook:

Early morning around 2:30 am last Saturday September 25th I was assaulted by the Olympia police department. I was on the sidewalk playing a keyboard with some folk when a girl, who is always starting shit with me, came up to me and pushed me. We began to have a yelling and shoving match. The police apparently were nearby for some other incident so the response was fast. I was in the Altered States Tattoo alcove talking to an officer when suddenly and without provocation he grabbed the back of my head and slammed my face into the ground. Witnesses tell me that my head was then repeatedly smashed into the cement. I was thrown up against the cop car, bleeding profusely from my head injury. Witnesses tried to give their report to the police but they wouldn’t listen and did not write them down. There were people telling the cops to take me to the hospital because I obviously needed medical attention. The police told them that they were going to take me to St. Pete’s right away. I NEVER RECEIVED MEDICAL ATTENTION. They took me to the police station where I sat bleeding for several hours. They did not allow me to call anyone. They would not allow me to leave. They laughed at me while I was crying and stating that I did nothing wrong. Finally, close to 6am they let me go. However, not before making me sign something that I was in no position to understand with a concussion. I hobbled out of the station, barely able to walk without screaming in pain. Thank you to the person that saw me hitchhiking and gave me a ride home.

There are several witnesses to this act of violence against me. We cannot let them get away with this. This fight is about all of us. Please stand up with me.


This is just disgusting on so many levels. I pretty much bolded Pony's entire statement because it's just so heartbreaking. If anyone is in or near Olympia The description of the assault doesn't convey the brutality that the photo does but I didn't post the photo in here in case anyone's triggered, you can find it at the source.
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