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No charges for puppy-thrower: police

(i didn't want to post a screencap of the video, so here's a gif of puppies running)

A Bosnian girl who gained worldwide notoriety after footage of her gleefully throwing puppies into a river was posted online has escaped punishment.

Police in her home town of Bugojno have said the girl, who is believed to be 12 years old, is too young to be prosecuted.

They also claim the puppies were saved by an elderly woman who fished them out of the river, and was later photographed with them.

The 44-second video shows a blonde girl in a red jumper casually taking the squealing black-and-white puppies out of a white bucket and tossing them into the fast-moving river one by one.

Animal rights group PETA has condemned the decision not to prosecute the girl.

"This is outrageous," the group was quoted as saying in German newspaper Bild.

"The puppies that the old woman was with were completely different ones to those thrown into the river in the video. The puppies would never have survived in the river."

A local journalist who spoke to ninemsn last month also said the rescue story was fake.

The elderly woman in the photographs was the girl's next door neighbour, and staged the rescue to "save" her, according to freelance reporter Ljubica Vujadinovic, who visited the town.

Under Bosnian law, the girl and her family would have faced a fine of more than $20,000 over the incident.

If convicted, the girl would have been the first person in the country to be punished for such a crime.

The girl was tracked down after a series of websites, including the notorious 4chan community, launched a vigilante campaign to find her.

Tags: animal rights, animals, crime, teenagers

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