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ONTD_P Clusterfuck 2010 Follow-Up Mod Post(s)™ is still being prepared.

Yes, we are still posting the Follow-Up. Yes, it has been 3 months. No, there is no secret ploy to put it off long enough so that members will magically forget anything happened. Yes, it will be up sometime soon, roughly  within a 1 to 2 week window.

And because the Clusterfuck was quite enormous, and some members have grown impatient with the wait, anticipate matters and issues needing to be addressed in two stages, via what we hope are just two separate follow up posts.


ETA [Oct 30]:

We'll hopefully have the Follow-Up posted next weekend (November 5 to 7-ish), latest.


ETA II [Nov 5]:

Alright, sorry folks -- give us just a few more days; we're trying to resolve some formatting issues. We're just as eager about trying to resolve this, believe us.

ETA III[Nov 17]:

Anticipate it being done/over with/published by this weekend (Nov 20-22) and would SOOOOOO love to not have it delayed any later than Monday.
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