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Drama in Chi-Chi-Chi-Le-Le-Le

As the Chilean miners are plucked one by one from their subterranean man fort, they've been met at the surface with overjoyed wives and girlfriends. Only one miner, though (as far as we know), has the potential to be met by both a wife and a girlfriend. That man is Yonni Barrios, who was busted when his wife of 28 years and mistress of ten years both showed up to hold vigil at the mine site in September. Ever since, we've been wondering what will happen when he's finally freed from the mine. Will he kiss his wife, then his mistress? Will he kiss his wife and ignore his mistress? Will they have one big three-way kiss? Hug the wife and then kiss the mistress behind the wife's back? Just run, as fast as possible?

It turns out that none of those permutations are going to happen, because Barrios's wife, Marta Salinas, is boycotting her philandering husband's rescue, which is expected to take place between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. today. You can't really blame her — Barrios requested that both of the women show up.

She told Chilean press she was boycotting today's rescue: “I am happy because he made it, it's a miracle of God. But I'm not going to see the rescue.

“He asked me to, but it turns out that he also asked the other lady, and I am a decent woman. Things are clear: it's her or me.

“I won't even watch it on TV. Besides, in phone conversations and in the letters he has sent me it's clear that he is fine, and that's enough for me.”

Nevertheless, if Barrios wants to have any chance of getting back with his wife, he should probably greet his mistress with a curt handshake. Not to tawdry up such a generally heartwarming occasion, but this is clearly the most compelling part of the rescue. We'll bring you video when it happens.

Chile miners' wives: 'We must prepare for them, they are back from the dead'


Tags: chile, drama, marriage

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