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Flier Calls Gay Florida Man 'Child Predator'

A Port St. Lucie man said someone has been placing fliers in his neighborhood that claim he is a child predator.

Alan Schmidgall told WPBF 25 News that he has lived on Bermel Avenue for almost two years. Schmidgall, who owns a landscaping business, said fliers calling him a child predator were found in mailboxes and on driveways along Bermel Avenue.

"Child predator in your area," the fliers read, warning that Halloween is approaching and Schmidgall has been wooing boys in the neighborhood. The fliers call him a "pervert" and list his address and sexual orientation.

"I'm devastated," Schmidgall said. "How could somebody do this to me?"

Toni McCellum, a neighbor who said she found the flier in her mailbox, called police and learned the claims are false.

Port St. Lucie police spokesman Tom Nichols said Schmidgall has no criminal history and has never been convicted of a sex crime.

In response, McCellum has been distributing her own fliers clearing Schmidgall's name.

"It's hard enough in this life to be gay, OK -- not accepted by a lot of people and to bashed -- and then to have something like this happen to me and nobody do anything about it, it hurts," Schmidgall said.

Schmidgall said he tried to file a police report but was told the fliers are a civil matter and not a criminal one. However, a postal inspector said the U.S. Postal Service is investigating because it is illegal to place fliers inside mailboxes.

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