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Sebastián Piñera = attention whore. The pope is still Catholic and bears still shit in the woods.

Cecilia Morel is bored whenever Piñera shows the paper of the miners

In a video circulating on YouTube, the first lady asks the president not to show a group of reporters in London the message "We are well in the refuge, the 33." But the president ignores her and takes from his pocket and shows the copy of the page written in bright red letters.

The first lady Cecila Morel is bored whenever the president Sebastián Piñera whips out every chance he can get, the message written in red letters from this past August, sent to the surface by the 33 miners trapped beneath the surface of the San Jose mine.

It was so evident in a video circulating on YouTube, showing the head of state speaking English with a group of journalists in London, the first leg of his European tour that also took him to France and continues with him in Germany.

In the pictures, the head of state said on camera he carried with him several gifts, including copies of the first message sent by the miners, when his wife, without losing her smile, whispers "do not show it."

But Piñera ignores her and also displays the message that says "We are well in the refuge, the 33" and continues, noting that he is also carrying a piece of rock taken from the depths of the Copiapina reservoir, presumably the same rock he later gave Queen Elizabeth II.

Meanwhile, without losing her composure, the first lady is still looking, still smiling, with an attitude that could be interpreted as relief when Piñera folded up the message and placed it back in his pocket.

The exact moment of this episode appears 44 seconds into the video:

Lolz, I kind of love Cecilia Morel, just because even she knows what a clown her husband is. Also, I totally get some Jenny Sanford vibes from her (because it was rumored that they were separated before the past election and that Piñera begged her to get back together with him so that he could run for president).
almost forgot the source
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