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Toxic substance forces closure of AZ Rep.Grijalva's office

*Breaking News*
Police locked down the Tucson congressional office of Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz.) on Thursday afternoon after staffers received a package containing a “confirmed” toxic substance, a Grijalva spokesman said.

A suspicious package with swastikas written on the envelope was mailed Thursday to the Tucson office, where about a dozen staffers work. Upon inspection, it was found the package contained a white powder authorities later determined to be toxic, said Grijalva campaign spokesman Adam Sarvana.

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For the record, Grivalja is an outspoken opponent of the SB-1070, the Arizona Immigration law. He appeared on Keith Olbermann just now and said that he was sure that his opposition to the bill is what is behind this attack and confirmed that he's received numerous threats before this.

  This is some fucked up shit, here.

Tags: arizona, evil, fail, fearmongering, terrorism, undocumented immigration

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