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Antoine to the haters: They really can bite me. For real.

Antoine Dodson Responds To The Haters

Antoine Dodson has been accused of "turning rape into a joke", and before his viral video fame, he survived sexual abuse and homophobic bullying. But he's not letting any of it get him down, he told me recently.

Antoine had no way of knowing that when he gave a fiercely indignant interview to a local Alabama TV station, it would lead to a chart-climbing song on iTunes, an Antoine Dodson Halloween costume, or an endorsement deal for an iPhone app. But he's trying to be strategic about his message of supporting sexual assault victims, he said in a recent interview. Also, some words for his critics: "They really can bite me. For real."

Antoine on not being exploited, his sister, being a male victim of sexual abuse, staying on message, and being queer and fabulous.Collapse )


NEGL, the more I find out about him, the more I like him. I hope he works his 15 minutes as much as he can.
Tags: internet/net neutrality/piracy, sexual assault

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