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Drive-through law office gives service to go

MANCHESTER, CT (NBC) - You won't get fries with that, but you can get professional legal advice at a Manchester, CT drive-through law office.

The Kocian Law Group has opened for business inside a renovated building that once housed a Kenny Rogers Roasters.

The personal injury and malpractice specialists plan to put that drive-through to good use.

"We have drive-throughs for ATMs and we have that customer convenience. Why not a law firm?" attorney Nick Kocian asked.

Kocian wanted to make things convenient for customers to easily drop off and pick up documents.

"We represent a lot of injured people," he said. "If you have somebody who's in a wheelchair or somebody who's hurt, it's convenient."

He also has several clients who visit the firm once a week to pick up worker's compensation checks.

Kocian said he thinks it's the first drive-through legal service in Connecticut and possibly the country.

A paralegal operates the window, hands out documents and answers questions.

But don't mistake the quick and convenient drive-through for a firm that's short on giving customers attention. Consultations and meetings with attorneys take place inside.

"If there's some advice or things like that that people may have about what to do with their papers, that will, of course, be afforded to them," Kocian said.

Besides the drive through, they're also open nights and weekends.

"It's really something that law firms should have done a long time ago," Kocian said.

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