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Michele Bachmann sics her mother on her opponent

Even More Tension In 6th District Race

In a race already fractured by record spending and personal attacks, 6th District Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann on Friday is deploying a new weapon -- she's playing the mother card.

On Friday, residents in the 6th district began receiving a mailing that's a harshly-worded open letter from Bachmann's mother Jean LaFave.

In the letter, paid for by the Bachmann campaign and picturing LaFave standing with Bachmann, she calls Tarryl Clark "hypocritical disgrace."

"I have never seen a candidate for higher office stoop as low as you," LaFave writes, "with your false and vulgar attacks."

Most upsetting, she says, is the Clark television ad aimed at seniors.

LaFave writes: "You shamelessly used Michele's voice and photo in one of your ads to claim she wants to destroy Social Security."

In a twist, the Clark ad uses footage from a Bachmann ad to claim that Bachmann wants to take seniors off Social Security.

"Whose message is that?" asks the ad, as an image of Bachmann appears onscreen. They then use Bachmann's voice, saying, "I'm Michelle Bachmann and I approve this message."

Clark is sharpening her attacks on Bachmann, describing her as a 'bully' more interested in her national fame than Minnesota.

In a terse statement, the Clark campaign said: "When someone stands up to bullies like Michele Bachmann, they (the bullies) often go running to their moms. Bachmann knows her position on Social Security is indefensible. That's why she's spending an astounding $9 million lying about Tarryl's record -- and her own record. Voters deserve better."

The Bachmann campaign did not respond to WCCO-TV's request for comment on the mailing.


* I haven't been able to find full text of the letter or the Clark camp's response. I'll post it if/when I find it.

EDIT: Ms. LaFave's letter found by idkmybffironman.

* I haven't been following this race, so I don't know how ugly it's been on either side, but I figure anyone trying to take Bachmann out can't be all bad.
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