Jon Reid (crossfire) wrote in ontd_political,
Jon Reid

Final results for Colorado Senate race

Michael Bennet defeats Ken Buck

DENVER — Sen. Michael Bennet narrowly defeated tea party Republican Ken Buck on Wednesday, allowing Democrats to hold onto a Senate seat once viewed as a prime opportunity for the GOP to make gains.

Bennet provided a crucial firewall during midterm elections in which Republicans made a historic surge. But his win looked anything but certain.

The Colorado race attracted more out-of-state campaign money than any other Senate contest this year, prompting a stream of vicious attack ads as both parties viewed the contest as the one that could tip the balance of power in Congress.

Buck, an affable campaigner whose folksy charm launched him over a better-funded Republican primary opponent, had a small lead heading into the election, according to many polls.

But with 97 percent of the projected vote counted Wednesday, Bennet was leading by about 15,400 votes out of 1.4 million cast.

Source at Huffpo has more.

A lot of you probably remember my wailing and gnashing of teeth last night, so needless to say this is a relief for me. And yes, the negative campaign ads were really disgusting.

Sidelight, did you all hear about our referendum to create a Denver Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission? Needless to say it went down in flames, but it was pretty loltastic.
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