Cheese. (popehippo) wrote in ontd_political,

Supreme Court has turned down first preliminary challenge to Obama's health care overhaul

The Court refused to hear the first case to reach it seeking to challenge the new federal health care law — a plea to rule on the issue before any federal appeals court has done so. No noted dissent or recusal from the denial.

The Supreme Court on Monday turned aside the first attempt to pursue a constitutional challenge to the new federal health care law. The initial test sought to draw the Court into the nationwide controversy over the law, before any federal appeals court has yet ruled on it. The Court’s order denying review of Baldwin v. Sebelius (10-369) indicated there were no dissents and no recusals. That was at least a preliminary indication that, when the issue does reach the Court, Justice Elena Kagan, a former Obama Administration official, would take part. The Court granted no new cases.

Tags: health care, supreme court
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