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Here's hoping Jorge Videla quickly follows him...

 Emilio Massera dead, a symbol of illegal repression

The former chief of the dictatorship died this afternoon because of a hemorrhagic stroke. He was admitted to the Naval Hospital in Buenos Aires.

Former repressor Emilio Massera died today at age 85 at the Naval Hospital this afternoon. 

Massera, a member of the military junta that in 1976, established one of the bloodiest dictatorships in Argentina's history, died of a hemorrhagic stroke and according to reports, the Naval hospital will release a statement.

The former Navy chief was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1985 and pardoned in 1990 by former President Carlos Menem by Decree 2741/90.

This decision [pardon] was rejected by the Supreme Court of the Nation and this year the court upheld the revocation of the pardon to the dictator.


Former Commander of Argentina's Military Dictatorship Emilio Massera Dead

He died at 85 by a hemorrhagic stroke, in the Naval Hospital.

The former admiral Emilio Eduardo Massera, one of the strongmen of the bloody dictatorship that ruled Argentina between 1976 and 1983, died today as local media reported.

The so-called 'Admiral Zero' had been stripped of his military rank and sentenced to life imprisonment for heinous crimes committed during the illegal repression that caused the deaths of thousands of Argentines.

Massera, who died in the Naval Hospital in Buenos Aires, was prosecuted for theft and change of identity of children who disappeared during the coup regime.


Sorry the article is so short; I'll try to add stuff as it comes in. With that being said, I'm soooo glad this motherfucker is dead. Too bad he died at age 85 when the majority of his
victims died at ages at least four or five decades before that. 

ETA:This HuffPo link (already in English) has a ton more information.
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