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Barber shop protest

Barber shop protest

Local protesters organized in front of Mike's Barber Shop, Saturday morning, to express their anger and disappointment after reading a letter in the Reformer Nov. 3 by a visitor to the village who implied he was denied service at the local barber shop because he is black.

Though they were upset about the circumstances that brought them together, the concerned local residents actually spoke relatively little about the incident itself.

Instead, what started as a protest quickly turned into a discussion about civil rights, prejudice and how to keep perceived racist acts like the one at Mike's from happening again.

"We all have a duty every day, when we witness something like this, to bring it to account," said one woman.

Many people agreed that the key to preventing racism is to start within schools.

Nina Kunimoto, a student intern at Bellows Falls Union High School with the program Spark, which is run through Marlboro College, said she would like to see more done within BFUHS to address the issues of prejudice and discrimination.

"Right now we're planning on just doing a survey at the school to see what the level of interest is in presenting it, and then we'll see how to proceed and if we can get some other community member involved," Kunimoto said.

The incident was brought to light by Darryl Fisher, of Silver City, N.M., who described himself in his letter as 'a black physician looking for a change of scenery after 30 years of working in a major U.S. city.'Collapse )


The barber sounds like a real winner, let me tell you.

And OK, black members on ontd_p, how many of y'all have been turned away from hairdressers and barbershops because they claim they can't do black hair? I have, and it's humiliating.
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