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Mona Sahlin steps down as party leader

When the crisis meeting started, Mona Sahlin had already made up her mind.

There had been a lot of rumours in the party, but at 2 PM today, all doubts were removed concerning Mona Sahlin's future as head of the party.

The meeting with the party's 26 disctrict chairmen begun.

- She had already made up her mind. She immediately told us of her decision to resign. He was composed, but sad, Kennet G Forslund, chairman of the Socialdemocratic party district of Bohuslän, said.

The meeting afterwards was calm. No criticism against Sahlin was brought up.

- It was mostly about how to move forward, practically, Kennet G Forslund said.

Sahlin's decision calmed the atmosphere at the meeting.

- Many of us were saddened by this news, Monica Haider, chairwoman of the partidistrict of Kronoberg, said.

No one tried to talk Mona Sahlin into staying, and there was no speculation about who might take over the party.

How do you feel now?

- Very sad, Kennet G Forslund said.

Mona Sahlin herself said at the pressconference that she had made up her mind several days ago.

source: http://www.aftonbladet.se/nyheter/article8123594.ab (translated by me)

I think this is pretty sad, although not unexpected. She was really not popular among the public. Nonetheless, I had really been hoping for her to be our first female prime minister. Hopefully, she'll be replaced by another woman so that that can still happen.

In September, the socialdemocrats had their worst election results ever since Sweden became a democracy, and this was blamed partly on Mona Sahlin. The media has been a lot harder on her than the other politicians, which no doubt influenced the public view of her.
And she had already started off on the wrong foot, since she was involved in a very public scandal in the 90s, where she used government money (50 000 SEK) to pay for her private expenses.
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