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FL Lt. Gov.-Elect Falsified Documents in Attempt to Procure State Contracts

Documents signed by Lt. Gov-elect Jennifer Carroll show her consulting firm leasing office space in Jacksonville that another tenant said was leased to him at the same time.

Both state and county records show the tenant was there, and Carroll was not.

Carroll's firm, JC & 3N, was accepted for a program that sets city contracts aside for eligible small businesses from January 2007 until May. That program required that Carroll, a Clay County resident, have a company based in Duval County for three years.

The Times-Union reported last month that altered documents were in the files of Carroll's company when the city reviewed its eligibility, and since then more evidence has emerged that fudged paperwork helped the company secure a spot in the program.


"no one goes to the office, nor is there furniture inside"Collapse )


The only defense I'm hearing (from Scott/Carroll supporters) is "Well, she never actually received a contract so this isn't illegal." Eh.

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