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NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg teams up with the Amazing Spider-Man to battle a down economy

With great power comes great responsibility, but sometimes, having all the power in the world isn't enough to maintain a job.

The current economic climate has made employment a difficult prospect for thousands upon thousands of people across the country. Even within the comic book community, the rising costs of comics purchases continue to put a strain on fandom's collective wallet. It's a time where many residents throughout the United States and the world at large could surely use a superhero's help in getting back on their feet.

In New York City, such an attempt is being made in the form of "Spider-Man: You're Hired," a special one-shot written by Warren Simons and illustrated by Todd Nauck that highlights the employment resources available to men and women across all five of New York's boroughs as part of a joint collaboration between Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his Office of Media and Entertainment, Marvel Entertainment and The Daily News.

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"Spider-Man: You're Hired," a joint effort between the New York City Mayor's Office and Marvel Entertainment, is currently available as a free download on the iPad. You can learn more about New York's career services at www.nyc.gov.

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