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Letter containing powdery substance found at 'Dancing with the Stars' studios

FBI: Threatening letter, powder found at 'Dancing With the Stars' studio
ABC says the substance — reportedly sent to Bristol Palin — was later determined to be talcum powder
msnbc.com news services
updated 1 hour, 43 minutes ago
LOS ANGELES - A white powder in an envelope with a threatening letter delivered to the "Dancing With the Stars" production office at CBS Studios in Los Angeles was determined to be talcum powder.

ABC spokeswoman Amy Astley released a statement confirming that the envelope was delivered to the show's production office on the CBS Studios lot Friday night.

The statement said ABC was later told by Los Angeles fire officials that the substance was talcum powder.

Rest of the story here.

Oh FFS, this is getting ridiculous. I'm not happy either, but it's a stupid TV show! It's not as if a Bristol win will determine the governing policy of this country or anything! Its not like we remember who won three months down the line anyway. People need to calm down about this. This is getting to scary levels of crazy.

That being said, I'm voting for Jennifer every chance I get Monday.
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