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Actor Mark Ruffalo Lands on Terror List for Screening Film Against Fracking

Opposing controversial oil- and gas-drilling practices is a prelude to terrorism, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Homeland Security.

Actor Mark Ruffalo discovered this when he landed on the state's terror watch list after planning a screening of an anti-fracking documentary–an incident he found “pretty fuckin' funny,” according to GQ.

The star of Zodiac and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind has been a vocal opponent of the drilling method, which involves cracking rocks through hydraulic pressure underground to release the fossil fuels below–often into groundwater. Earlier this year, he appeared on Maddow to discuss the practice, which was recently given the OK in the areas where the tri-state region–New York, New Jersey and yep, Pennsylvania– gets their drinking water.



"If you think that what you are putting into the ground is so safe," Ruffalo addressed the gas industry now so gung-ho to drill near NYC's water source, "Why note come into the regulation of the Clean Water Act?"

The area where drilling is slated to occur is in "the watershed for 19 million people -- 5% of our population could have their water contaminated" by this process, Ruffalo notes. Thirty thousand gas wells are slated to be fracked immediately.



The Pennsylvania Department of Homeland Security, for its part, seems more concerned with its citizens' potential outrage than their health.



The Pennsylvania Office of Homeland Security appears to be at least as heavily focused on anti-oil and gas documentaries as it is on international terrorism. In October, it was revealed that the department had declared the documentary Coal Country to be a "potential catalyst for inspiring 'direct action' protests or even sabotage against facilities, machinery, and/or corporate headquarters."

A Pennsylvania activist Web site reported earlier this month that the department has been monitoring the Twitter feeds of known anti-war activists.



No word on whether the city of Pittsburgh–which recently banned fracking–is also on Pennsylvania's terror list.

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