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Six-Month Old Seth Getting Surgery Afterall

Just wanted to report some good news regarding the previous entry about Seth Petreikis, the infant in Indiana who was denied life-saving surgery through Medicaid.

An Indiana father whose son needs an expensive life-saving operation said he's filled with gratitude for the outpouring of support his family has received.

NBC Chicago on Wednesday broadcast and published the story of young Seth Petreikis. The boy was recently diagnosed with Complete DiGeorge Syndrome, a rare and fatal condition which prevents the body from fighting infections or viruses.

Medicaid has denied the family's appeal to cover the costs of surgery -- which will run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars -- deeming it experimental.

But donations are giving the family a chance at a Christmas miracle. By Thursday morning, more than $16,000 had been donated to the Seth Benjamin Fund. By 8 p.m. Thursday, that amount had grown to $110,000.

"I cannot express my gratitude, in words, how grateful I am to the Chicagoland area for all that they have done for Seth," said the boy's father, Tim Petreikis.

Anyone interested in helping can submit contributions to the Seth Benjamin fund at any Citizen's Financial Bank, account No. 2847677. Donations can also be made through the family's website,


It's great to see this happen and hopefully, others who are caught within the system can get help as well.

ETA: I should add this also:

The insurance company that manages Indiana's Medicaid program is paying for the surgery themselves! That wasn't mentioned in the previous article. Sorry about that.
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