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Founder of Muslims for Bush leaves GOP, becomes a Democrat

Colorado Independent: Colorado GOP loses Hasan
By John Tomasic | 12.09.10 | 7:30 am

Muhammad Ali Hasan, a member of the wealthy and influential Colorado Republican Hasan family and a past state House and treasurer candidate, said he is switching parties. Speaking at the University of Colorado-Boulder on his experience growing up Muslim in the American West and later in conversation with the Colorado Independent, Hasan said he is ending his affiliation with the party for the bigotry he believes has shaped Republican politics over the last year. The FOX News regular and founder of Muslims for Bush said he met recently with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the controversial Democratic leader won him over.

“I met her in Los Angeles. For a Republican that’s like He-Man [meeting with] Skeletor,” he said, referencing the Masters of the Universe cartoon arch-enemies. “I am impressed by her vision. She convinced me that the Democrats will work to protect and further the interests and opportunities of minority Americans. That matched with the politics of Reagan for me. He was a champion of the American dream, the idea of America as a shining city on a hill. He expanded opportunities through small business credits and amnesty for immigrants. It was all about opportunity.

“I have three top political heroes: Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush and now Nancy Pelosi. She has such a spine, like Reagan and Bush, they all have that in common: a spine of steel that comes from conviction.”
Major financial backers of conservative causes and candidates in the state and friends to national GOP leaders and successive Republican presidential administrations, the Hasans have publicly struggled with the post-Bush Palin-era GOP. Matriarch Seeme Hasan during the “Ground Zero Mosque” debate said she didn’t recognize the party. Ali Hasan’s defection comes in the wake of news that state GOP lawmakers will introduce tough Arizona-style immigration legislation and held a high profile hearing on the topic with a slanted roster of experts that featured almost no immigrant rights groups but several with ties to white supremecist organizations.
A hardline fiscal conservative and champion of Constitutional equality, Hasan says Republicans have merely paid lip service to the former and have effectively come to oppose the latter.Collapse )As someone who lives in metro Detroit, the part of the US with the highest percentage of Arab-Americans, I can say that he's finally caught up with a lot of the locals.  Most of them had given up on Bush in 2004, and have certainly given up on the Republicans by now.  I'm glad to see that he's figure out what's happened to his old party and why he no longer fits in there.
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