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American Institute of Bisexuality Launches Message of Hope on International Human Rights Day

This article X-Posted from the Bi Magazine an english-language online magazine put out by the American Institute of Bisexuality that advocates increased understanding and visibility for bisexuality. This article by News Editor Denise Penn was originally posted on December 10th 2010.

The recent suicides of several gay teens have drawn national attention to the issue of harassment and bullying of LGBTQ youth.

In September 2010, syndicated columnist and author Dan Savage and his partner created a YouTube video to address the issues and inspire hope for teens who are experiencing isolation, fear, and harassment in schools. This has become a world-wide effort, the "It Gets Better Project". As we commemorate International Human Rights Day, the American Institute of Bisexuality is launching a message of hope for bisexual teens who suffer bullying and harassment along with their gay, lesbian and transgender peers.

There are also some other "It Gets Better" and related videos aimed specifically at the "B" in LGBT including (but certainly not limited to . . . we hope):

It Gets Way Better - A recording by the gay/bi bear author Ron Suresha (aka wolfbear) for the Care Bear effort supporting the "It Gets Better" project

Bi, Christian, or Nerdy - A video for the "It Gets Better" Project. You are loved, you are not alone. People can be incredibly cruel and hurtful, but you will make it through and find joy and acceptance, I promise!

cast of "Rose By Any Other Name . . ." - The cast of the popular Bisexual/LGBT web series "Rose By Any Other Name . . ." give their support to bisexual teens out there in the "It Gets Better" campaign.

And of course for the requisite splash of controversy, long-time outspoken bisexual activist and film maker Kyle Schickner, of FenceSitter Films (aka bifilms) speaks directly to columnist Dan Savage.

Not at all questioning the worth of the "It Gets Better Project" itself, which Schickner and FSF are actually very active in, but instead pointing out that Savage is in fact a person who speaks to and about the lives of a privileged, middle/upper class, educated, primarily white gay male & pals demographic and actually has a long, painful and very persistent history of biphobia, transphobia and he isn't all that nice to people of color either.

Sources: BiMagazine AIBvideos, fencesitterfilms, ronsuresha, annejohnson20
Tags: bullying, lgbtq / gender & sexual minorities, michael savage, transphobia, youth, youtube

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