Let Them Talk (bluetooth16) wrote in ontd_political,
Let Them Talk

~Top Ten ONTD_Political Posts Of 2010 Nominations!~


It's that time of year again! Help decide which posts in 2010 are the most lulzy, wanky, have the best live discussions, trollicious, and all around awesome. Here's how this works:

1) Find a post you like. Nominate this post in the comments on this entry. Each comment should look like this:

- Title of post/short description of post

- Direct link to post

If you are having trouble finding direct links, use the tags or go on Google and type in "ONTD_POLITICAL + [TITLE/SUBJECT/KEY WORD(S) OF THE ENTRY YOU'RE LOOKING FOR]." You can also use the community's calendar to find direct links.

ONE NOMINATION COMMENT PER POST PLEASE!. If you want to nominate a set of posts on the same topic, (for example: the Iranian Election Live Posts), say that all the posts for that topic should be nominated. Make sure you read all of the nomination comments in the post to avoid duplicate nominations.

2) Members who agree with your nomination will reply to your comment with seconded, I agree, clapping gifs/macros etc. In order for a nomination to make it to the Voting Round, the nomination needs 7 seconds. ONE COMMENT VOTE PER NOMINATION PLEASE! Duplicate votes on the same nomination will not count.

3) On Christmas Eve, the Voting Round post will go up. Results will be posted on New Year's Eve.

To see past voting rounds and winners, click on the tag all your posts are belong to us for past nominees and voting rounds and click on the !toptenpostsoftheyear tag to see the actual winners. If you have any questions, leave them in this post and I'll answer them.
Tags: !mod post, all your post are belong to us

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