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Driver crashes into Bush 43's gate

DALLAS — A man was questioned by the Secret Service Wednesday night after driving a muscle car onto the lawn of former President George W. Bush's home near Dallas.

Former first lady Laura Bush and the ex-president were inside the house at the time but were unharmed and never in danger, officials told NBC station KXAS.

Officials do not believe the motorist intended to harm the couple, according to KXAS.

Officials told KXAS that the suspect had visited a friend's house in Bush's gated neighborhood to show off his Plymouth Barracuda.

The man told investigators he ran onto the former president's yard when his gas pedal became stuck.

No one was injured, KXAS reported. Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan said there was no damage to the house.

Donovan said the driver was questioned but released after the accident.

"President and Mrs. Bush are OK," Bush spokesman David Sherzer said in a statement. "They appreciate the work of the United States Secret Service and Dallas Police Department in responding to the incident.”

The Bushes live on Daria Place, a public street that is gated and protected by the Secret Service detail assigned to the former president.

An amused source


A)This is what you get for showing off.

B)The Bushes apparently need better security.

PS. Bush family is misspelled in the tags.

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