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School outed teen to parents, said it was ‘legally obligated’: lawsuit

Two softball coaches at a Texas high school are being sued after allegedly confining a teenaged girl in a locked room, forcing her to confirm her sexual orientation, then outing her to her parents before ejecting her from the softball team.

The lawsuit states that the school district defended the actions by saying the teachers were "legally obligated" to inform the parents of the child's sexuality.

According to the suit (PDF) filed in an east Texas federal court, in March of 2009 a junior at Kilgore High School -- identified only as "SW" -- was ordered to a meeting of the softball team. The coaches, named in the lawsuit as Rhonda Fletcher and Cassandra Newell, then dismissed everyone but SW, ordered her into an empty locker room, locked the door and confronted the teen about her sexuality.

"Fletcher asked SW if she was gay, and accused her of having a sexual relationship with another girl.
She also claimed that SW was spreading gossip about this other girl being 'Coach Newell’s girlfriend," the lawsuit states.

When SW denied these accusations, Fletcher and Newell reacted angrily. Fletcher stepped in close to SW and began yelling at her, threatening to sue her for slander and demanding that she “stop lying.” Newell also made menacing gestures. SW was very afraid, and feared they might strike her. This behavior went on for a few minutes.Collapse )


I hope they win their lawsuit. It can be dangerous to out these kids. I shudder to think what would've happened if some of my friends had been outed in high school. I wish this was surprising, but it isn't. My ex-girlfriend's high school outed her to her parents, both of whom are ordained ministers from small town Americana. It lead to... many, many Bad Things for her. Fuck this bullshit.
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