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Arizona state lawmaker attacked on Christmas

(CNN) -- An unknown attacker left an Arizona state lawmaker unconscious and bound at his business, Casa Grande police said Sunday.

On Christmas Day, State Rep. Frank Pratt went to check on his swimming pool store when he was confronted by a person already inside the building who "severely beat him, knocked him unconscious, and left him bound inside the building," police said in a statement.

The unidentified person stole Pratt's SUV and left the area.

The lawmaker was found by his wife more than four hours later, police said.

Janice Pratt said she initially went by the store after one hour, but left when she didn't see his truck. When she came back three hours later, she spotted an unlocked gate and heard him calling out for help, she said.

Frank Pratt was treated by fire officials and flown to a Phoenix-area hospital where he was reported in stable condition with multiple bruises and at least one fracture, police said. There were no major broken bones, his wife said.

The police department was searching for Pratt's gold 2007 GMC Yukon.

Pratt, a Republican, represents District 23 in the House of Representatives, an area between Phoenix and Tucson. He is supposed to open the legislative term on January 11 but now is unsure whether he will, his wife said.

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