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On Kentucky's ark, unicorns and dragons

That creationist ark in Kentucky will not only have every mammal ever and insects like termites and dinosaurs and very tiny giraffes so they can fit.

No, the ark will also apparently have dragons and unicorns. Joe Sonka, whose Barefoot and Progressive should get a special award for something, reports getting this answer from the ark builders:

Since the Bible mentions unicorns in a few passages (Deuteronomy 33:17; Numbers 23:22, 24:8; Psalm 22:21, 29:6, 92:10; Isaiah 34:7), some may wonder if such uni-horned deer were the "unicorns" of old. That would certainly be possible and may explain the images of unicorns in historic artwork. Like the fire-breathing dragons clearly based on--but also a stretch from--real dinosaurs, perhaps the horse-and-narwhal-like unicorns were based on rare sightings of deer, goats, oryx, or other four-legged animals with similar single, central horn mutations.

The other hypothesis, which seems equally plausible, is that the unicorn refers to the rhinoceros. After all, "unicorn" (as mentioned above) simply means "one horn," and the rhinoceros is the only known animal to normally have one horn. The rhinoceros would also fit in the Bible passages that mention unicorns without any inconsistencies.

As for the dragons, Sonka reports that the Answers in Genesis folks say they're basically dinosaurs. Which totally lived at the same time as mammals, including people, and will totally fit on the ark. Totally.


Tags: kentucky, religion, slow news day™, wtf

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