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Community Promo: Pan-LJ Poverty Slam.

The mods gave approval for a little community ad here, so here it is, hopefully 's good.



Excerpted from our profile:

Money is how most societies across this planet conduct their distribution of resources. For better or worse, it is the means by which we must plan our days, our weeks, our lives. No matter one's definition of a full life, one needs money to pursue it, unless one is an ascetic of the highest order. And because being poor is a condition where someone does not have enough money, being poor thus cuts someone off— partially or entirely— from what they want to do. It cuts them off from the plans they would otherwise create. It limits freedom. It is, in effect, a form of slavery for anyone who does not merely want what those limitations provide them.

We who are poor aren't greedy, though. ... And some of us in this world are tired of going every day denying ourselves or getting denied the right to stand up and say, "Hey, I can't afford something." ... And sometimes, the daily grind, the song and dance we have to put on, the endless budget balancing, it all becomes too much and we just have to let it out. The means we can afford sometimes aren't the healthiest or safest.

This community is for us to do something healthy and safe, as poor people. There is no litmus test for whether you belong here. If you think you belong here, you probably do. Come here and in the spirit of National Poverty Awareness Month every January, share a poem or another performance in the tradition of spoken word. Tell us your frustrations, your regrets, your fury, your depression, the small miracles that have kept you going. This space is for us, and we don't have to apologize to anybody.

Official rules, submission guidelines, and news about a YouTube channel will be up before 12:01 am on January 1, 2011, and the comm will start accepting submissions after that time. Submissions can take the form of a video, a hosted audio file, or just the poem's text. Submissions can also include footage and recordings of performance material that does not have to be strictly poetic in nature. Visual art is also permissible. In other words, if it is art and you have a way to host it, submit it. Submissions do not have to be of your own creation, but please provide credit where credit is due, and original work is especially encouraged.
Tags: art, for great justice, poverty

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