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TRENDING: Palin re-tweet raises questions

Normally, it’s what Sarah Palin tweets that makes news. This time it’s what she has re-tweeted.

The former Alaska governor Monday relayed a comment from gay conservative pundit Tammy Bruce, who was expressing her criticism over continued Republican opposition to the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell military policy that won congressional repeal late last month.

Now the political world is wondering just what Palin meant to express.

"But this hypocrisy is just truly too much. Enuf already–the more someone complains about the homos the more we should look under their bed,” Bruce’s original tweet read that was subsequently relayed by Palin.

Bruce was thrilled with Palin’s re-tweet, saying it constitutes a clear signal the former Republican vice presidential nominee is a friend of the gay community.

“I think @SarahPalinUSA RT my tweet is her first comment on DADT, treatment of gays & attempts to marginalize us–thank you Governor,” Bruce replied.

The Republican pro-gay rights group GOProud, of which Bruce holds a leadership role, also highlighted Palin's “Gay Friendly” tweet Tuesday in an e-mail to reporters.

Palin hasn't said anything more on the issue so it remains unclear exactly what she meant to convey, but the re-tweet is a rare comment from Palin when it comes to any issue involving gay rights – a likely hot-button issue in upcoming Republican primary presidential campaign given the recent repeal of the longrunning military policy that forbade gay service members to serve openly.

It could also be a sign the former Alaska governor's stance on social issues beyond that of abortion is less understood by Republicans and Democrats alike than was previously believed.

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