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Kids Bury Father Alive

Not another 'oh how terrible story.'

On MSNBC this morning, in the Popular Searches lifestyle I found the following:

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Brazil brothers charged with burying father alive
Two brothers have been charged with killing their father by burying him alive. Authorities say they knocked him out beforehand. How did they make him unconscious?
The brothers, who live in Brazil (map) confessed to planning it. Find out their reasons.
Remember the Menendez brothers who were convicted of killing their parents?
Murders can go unsolved for decades. Check out some cold cases.

Is it me or does it seem just a bit racist to compare this to the Menendez brothers 
case?  Because no white kid has ever killed a parent, ever.

Source: http://specials.msn.com/A-List/Lifestyle/Brothers-charged-with-burying-father-alive.aspx?cp-documentid=27170697

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