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Fox News Abruptly Cuts Feed From Giffords Vigil When Mourner Mentions Sarah Palin

Since Rep. Gabriel Giffords (D-AZ) and others were shot in Tucson, AZ this weekend, Sarah Palin has received renewed criticism for a map her PAC posted last year with gun cross-hairs over the districts of several Democrats who voted for health care reform — including Giffords’.

Hours after the shooting, Fox News — which employs Palin — aired scenes from a vigil in Phoenix, but when one mourner appeared to began to call out Palin’s incendiary rhetoric, the Fox feed abruptly went to commercial.
Watch it:

It is unclear whether the feed cut off was a deliberate action by Fox News producers.

But, news organizations often broadcast live events with a few seconds delay, allowing producers to filter scenes which air profanity, violence, or any other undesirable material.
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