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Jon Stewart is a Sekret Terrorist: Will Kill Nation with Comedy

Rightwing Alert: Guns Dont Kill People, Comedians Kill People.

Conservative Magazine Names Jon Stewart 28th 'Most Dangerous Liberal' In America

The conservative magazine Townhall put out a list of the "most dangerous liberals in America," and named Jon Stewart as #28.
Colbert is gonna be pissed. (Why is Stephen Colbert NOT on that list? I demand a recount!)

Writing on the townhall.com site, Executive Editor Chris Field called Stewart "bitingly hilarious and decidedly Left-leaning: a potent combination."

Number one on the list? George Soros, bien sur.

Here's the full entry:
Political satirist Jon Stewart's tongue is acid-tipped. His popular "Daily Show" program regularly slays elected officials for hypocrisy and self-importance, derides political buffoonery and skewers media excesses. More often than not, it's bitingly hilarious and decidedly Left-leaning: a potent combination. A 2007 media survey revealed that more than one-in-10 young voters relied on Stewart's show as a primary source of political news -- a share that has undoubtedly swelled since. It's no small coincidence that voters aged 18-29 backed Barack Obama for president by a breathtaking 2-to-1 margin.

While acting as a formidable political opinion maker, Stewart inoculates himself against serious criticism by playing the "I'm just a comedian" card. This artifice has become known among conservatives as the Jon Stewart "clown nose on, clown nose off " routine.

Laugh all you want. It works.
h/t Right Wing Watch.
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