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Aishwarya Rai to Sue Elle Magazine

Oh, look who's whitening the world again. Source 1, Source 2.

Elle magazine might soon face the wrath of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan if it is proved that the mag has digitally paled her skin tone in the latest  issue. Elle of India has carried out a cover story on the actress for this edition and she is seen wearing a Victorian style gown designed by Rohit Bal. The inside story on the former Miss World is written by Pritish Nandy.

Since Aishwarya Rai was busy attending her ailing father she was not aware of the alterations that have been made by the mag, but now that she has learnt about it she is authenticating it and if it is proved the lady won’t hesitate to sue the mag. This is not the first time that the global star will take a stand against this kind of racial discrimination.

Previously, Aishwarya refused to endorse a skin lightening product of L’Oreal as part of her ethics where she believes that women should be seen by their achievements and not skin color. So last thing she would want is to be part of a mag or a product that promotes racial discrimination. Being a global face of the contemporary woman, Aishwarya is ready to drag the international mag to court.

This won’t be the first time that Elle has been involved in doing such a thing, in the US issue the mag digitally bleached the skin color of the Oscar winner Gaboury Sudibine on its cover page. The African-American actress was given a lighter shade in this year’s September issue. 
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