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4 synagogues vandalized in Montreal, Canada


01/17/2011 10:37

In latest string of anti-Semitic attacks, 4 synagogues, Hebrew school, sustain thousands of dollars of damage; no arrests have been made.

The Jewish community of Montreal was stunned Sunday after vandals attacked synagogues and a Hebrew school in the early hours of the morning.

Local Rabbi Reuben Poupko said that Beth Rambam, Tifereth Beth David Jeruaelm, and Beth Zion synagogues in Côte St. Luc and Dorshei Emet synagogue in Hampstead had sustained thosands of dollars of damage when local vandals threw stones at their windows, local Canadian news daily The Gazette reported Sunday. The Yavne Academy in Côte St. Luc was also vandalized.

Upper West Side synagogue receives mailed bomb threat
Tombstone desecrated in Jewish cemetery in France

Montreal police visited the five sites Sunday and have taken local security-camera footage for their investigation. The security cameras had been installed in the last few years due to the rise in attacks on Jewish-community buildings, Rabbi Poupko explained. “We felt this was a necessary investment,” he said

Poupko went on to describe the events as part of a chain of attacks that have occured in the last few months, and complained that until now such events "haven't garned any attention," adding that "it's increasing in intensity and frequency. These are not just crimes against buildings. They’re crimes against a community.”

Last March, criminals broke into Ahavas Yisroel Viznitz Synagogue in the Outremont neighborhood, stealing objects of worship and marking swastikas on the bima and around the central platform of the shrine.

Two months ago, a synagogue in Laval was targeted when vandals led a garden hose connected to an oil line into a the synagogue and flooded the building overnight, local news media outlet CTV reported. Nearly 2,300 liters of oil spilled over onto the back lawn, contaminating the site and causing damage to the Young Israel of Chomedy synagogue.

The cost of damage reached $100,000, and the local Jewish community was able to raise $30,000 dollars to help with repairs.
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