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Anti-abortion protestor hit by car

Car strikes anti-abortion rights activist in Fort Myers

FORT MYERS: A planned anti-abortion rights demonstration ends in an unplanned crash. Protestors lined McGregor Boulevard outside the home of a Fort Myers doctor, when a car jumped the curb and ran over a protestor holding a sign.

"She looked off the road for one second, and that's what happens," said Ted Edwards, who lives on the street.

According to Florida Highway Patrol, teenagers in a red Elantra veered off the road, through a street sign at Robalo Drive and then hit a protestor.

"Took her eyes off the road for one minute--for a sign!" Edwards says. This is the the fifth time anti-abortion rights activists have come to the neighborhood to protest local Doctor Philip Waterman. "If you want to veto something, go to their place of work. Not the residence," Edwards said.

"We do also go to the place of work, but this is also part of the pro-life fight," said John Musca, an anti-abortion rights activist.

The man who was hit was rushed to Lee Memorial, but his friends say he was alert. The two teens in the Elantra were taken to Health Park, according to FHP. The initial accident caused another crash, slowing traffic in both directions.

"I'm very upset. This should have never happened," Edwards said.

There were about 70 protestors along McGregor Boulevard Sunday and leaders say they will be back.

"This is a battle zone. Drastic times call for drastic measures and that's why we're here," Musca said.

The investigation is ongoing.


I don't feel sorry for him at all.

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