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Kidnapped Baby Carlina White Reunited with Mother After 23 Years

Carlina White has excellent instincts.  The 23-year-old recently solved the mystery of her own kidnapping and was reunited with her birth mother, Joy White.  Carlina was born in Harlem Hospital on August 4, 1987 and stolen from the maternity ward.  It’s unclear who actually abducted Carlina, but she was raised by a woman named Cassandra Pettway, who now lives in Georgia.  Carlina was reared in Connecticut under the alias Nejdra Nance.  Understandably, Carlina feels no sympathy for her “bogus” mother, as The New York Daily News describes her.  She told reporters, “I want her to suffer.  I want her to do some time, like I suffered for 23 years.”

What is most remarkable about Carlina’s story is that her own doubts about her identity led her to solve her cold case.  According to the Daily News, “she began questioning whether she was really Pettway’s kin after her 16th birthday.”  Carlina’s suspicions were confirmed when she became pregnant at age 19 and “asked her fake mom for some paperwork on her background.”  Carlina says that was when “That lady told me she wasn’t my mother.”

Carlina began looking for herself on missing children sites, contacting the center for missing children in late December.  According to the Daily News, police “found three possible matches – including the 1987 hospital abduction.”  DNA tests were taken and matched Tuesday night, confirming that Joy White and Carl Tyson are indeed Carlina’s parents.  Joy, Carl, Carlina and her 5-year-old daughter, Samani, are getting to know each other this week in New York.  An incredible ending to an unbelivable journey!


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