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Sky Sports are stuck in the 1950s....bears occasionally like to shit in the woods.

Sky Sports presenters score an own goal as microphone picks up sexist diatribe against female linesman - and Apprentice star fierce businesswoman Karren Brady

Sky Sports presenters Andy Gray and Richard Keys were at the centre of a sexism row last night after they questioned whether a female linesman knew the offside rule during a Premier League football match.

The commentators, who apparently believed their microphones were switched off, were recorded making disparaging remarks about Sian Massey, 25, before Liverpool’s Premiership clash with Wolves yesterday.

They also criticised Apprentice star and West Ham vice-chairman Karren Brady who had yesterday written about sexism in a newspaper column.

Commenting on Ms Massey, Mr Keys said: WHAT?! WHO LET THIS WOMAN OUT OF THE KITCHEN?!‘Somebody better get down there and explain offside to her.’
Mr Gray, a former Scottish international footballer, replied: ‘Can you believe that? A female linesman. Women don’t know the offside rule.’

Mr Keys replied: ‘Course they don’t. I can guarantee you there will be a big one today. Kenny (Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish) will go potty.
This isn’t the first time, is it? Didn’t we have one before?’

Later in the exchange, Mr Keys said: ‘The game’s gone mad. Did you hear charming Karren Brady this morning complaining about sexism? Do me a favour, love.’

Ms Brady had said she had ‘experienced sexism at its rankest, lies about my personal life and a level of calculated mischief that is simply appalling’.

Asked about the pundits’ remarks, she said: ‘I think this just sums up everything I said in my column.’

During the game, which Liverpool won 3-0, Ms Massey angered Wolves by refusing to rule Raul Meireles offside before he set up Liverpool’s first goal. The replay showed that she made the correct decision.

When The Mail on Sunday put the transcript to Mr Keys, he said: ‘I have no recollection of that. I have no idea what you are talking about. My recollection is that I wished the young lady all the best.’

I didn't see the match because, well, it was Liverpool and they're gross, but I really don't understand how, well, mostly men, seem to think the offside rule is the equivalent to some complex trigonometry or something. It really isn't. Whatever, haters's gonna hate. Get it gurl. I hope there are more female officials in the EPL soon.

the ancient rule of OH DEAR GOD DON'T READ THE COMMENTS AT THE SOURCE has never been more relevant until today
yeah i know it's the daily fail don't judge me.

whatever, women-in-sports haters
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