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Rep. Duncan “keep transgenders and hermaphrodites out of the military” Hunter, Jr. (R-CA) allegedly accepted bribes during his campaign, faked his resume, and is funded by the porn, alcohol, and defense industries, according to Joe Ryan, an Independent watchdog and former Congressional candidate, who has apparently made it his mission in life to uncover the misdeeds of Hunter and his “corrupt” and “dynastic” family.

Ryan’s website is a scathing indictment of Hunter, implying that his powerful family and friends rigged the 2010 election to assure the young and inexperienced junior Hunter won his father’s old Congressional seat.

Hunter recently introduced a measure in the House to thwart the repeal of the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. The measure would require four military service chiefs from the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corp to sign off on repealing the policy before it can be officially eliminated. The measure was introduced last Tuesday, and so far has the support of only 15 Republicans. The DADT repeal was passed by both houses of Congress and signed into law by President Obama in December 2010.

The allegations Ryan pits against Hunter include:

1. Hunter fabricated his resume to make it appear he had business experience that he lacked.

Ryan investigated Hunter’s claims that he started and ran a tech company in 2007-2008 and said he “could not find one scintilla of evidence” to prove Hunter ever owned or operated the company. Ryan claims that after he confronted Hunter about this phantom company, Hunter changed his resume, claiming to be a business analyst during the same period. Then, Hunter changed his story again, saying he operated a home development company in 2006. Ryan notes, “Duncan Hunter was able to build a successful home construction company – right out of the box with no construction experience – in Idaho, at a time when most other builders were going under and struggling to stay afloat, because houses were selling for less than the cost of construction, across the united States during the time-period when Duncan claims he was building his successful company.” Now, says Ryan, Hunter has abandoned all previous employment claims, and says he worked in real estate.

2. Hunter accepted bribes during his campaign.

Ryan provides a detailed chart of “lobbyist bribe money that flows to Duncan Hunter”, which also includes a number of other members of Congress. Hunter ranks number two on a list of 100 who accepted money from defense and aerospace lobbyists. Ryan claims Hunter “converts the bribe money to his personal use and that of his friends.” Ryan questions how Hunter can explain spending $250,000 on his re-election campaign without doing any real campaigning, except for one public appearance.

3. Hunter accepted contributions from the pornography and alcohol industries.

Ryan says Hunter took the maximum allowable caimpaign contibution from Stu Segall, “the man who invented porn”, who directed the 1980 classic “Insatiable” starring Marilyn Chambers and John Holmes. Hunter also regularly takes money from, and provides earmarks to, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, and hedge funds, according to Ryan.

4. Hunter was protected and promoted by San Diego media, to the exclusion of other candidates.

Ryan specifically attacks the Union-Tribune, calling it a racketeering scheme that has protected and promoted the Hunter family for years, while ignoring other Congressional candidates like himself. “Media members are just doing what they do best: Lie to the public and cover up crimes committed by contributors and other ‘movers and shakers’ connected to the two major parties,” says Ryan.

5. Hunter is a fake conservative.

Ryan says that because Hunter supports gun control, takes money from porn producers while waving the bible, and maintains a lifetime membership in the Council on Foreign Relations (considered by conversatives to be elitist and liberal) all point to the fact that Hunter is no real conservative.

Duncan D. Hunter, Jr. has never publically responded to any of Joe Ryan’s allegations. Ryan maintains several websites calling for electoral and judical reform as he seeks to become San Diego’s Congressional Representative. Please visit his sites to learn much, much more about the man and his mission.


(OP NOTE: Source was deleted after I posted, it seems. O_o Alternate info here, though.)
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