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"MotherF*&%!ing BIRDS?!" The Daily Show: How Birds Are Valued More Than People

Wyatt Cenac finds an historic black town in Mississippi where birds are revered more than people.

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For those unable to view the video above: 

Basically, there's an historic black town in Mississippi, USA, founded by slaves about 150 years ago, called Turkey Creek. 

Acre by acre, industries of all kinds have abused the town and taken their lands to be used for dumping grounds and development. 

The residents of Turkey Creek have appealed to government officials and the NAACP for help, but the only organization that came to their aid was the Audubon Society. 

Apparently, there are some special birds that live in Turkey Creek, so the society was able to get a majority of the land labelled as a nature reserve in order to preserve the town from more development. 

Basically, people care more about the bird than they do people. They had no problem developing over the town's historic graveyard to build apartments, but they won't develop on land that's been preserved for birds. 

Funny bits: 1) Wyatt Cenac goes on a mumbled-cursing streak, walking from Mississippi to an office (in New York?) where he talks to Al Sharpton for like 3 seconds. 2) Wyatt goes into a mall in Biloxi where he walks around as a regular dude and gets shunned by the white people, but when he dresses up as a bird, people are friendly towards him. 
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