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Court Grants Rahm Emanuel Stay to Appear on Ballot Printing While Appeal Decided

Rahm Emanuel won a partial victory Tuesday as the Illinois Supreme Court allowed his motion for a stay and said they would hear his appeal, ordering that any ballots printed while the appeal is considered must have his name on it.

The Illinois Supreme Court also granted Emanuel's motion to have the case considered in an expedited fashion but did not set an immediate time table for the appeal. The court said it would not take any additional briefs nor would it hear oral argument.

The Chicago Board of Elections had started to print mayoral ballots Tuesday without Emanuel's name on them. Tuesday around noon, they called the printer and had them "stop the presses." Chairman Langdon Neal told the Associated Press they'd restart printing ballots Tuesday afternoon with Emanuel's name.

Emanuel’s attorneys are fighting to keep his name on the ballot for mayor after an appeals court knocked him off Monday, ruling he did not reside in Chicago during the year before February's mayoral election.

"This is an important first step in ensuring that voters are not disenfranchised and that they ultimately get to choose the next Mayor of Chicago," the Emanuel campaign said in a statement after being granted a stay on the ballot.

Despite the setback from the appellate court, Emanuel was acting as if it was just a small bump in the campaign trail, keeping his multi-million dollar TV commercials on the air, meeting and greeting voters and announcing endorsements.

Teamsters Joint Council 25 formally endorsed Emanuel Tuesday, asserting their belief that he'll eventually get back on the ballot.

Meanwhile, his foes were forging ahead as if Emanuel was already history. Gery Chico touted the endorsement of the Firefighters Union Local 2, which follows an endorsement from the Fraternal Order of Police.

Emanuel said Tuesday he was confident he would be on the ballot on Feb, 22.

The Board of Elections had said they would print ballots and program early voting machines without Emanuel’s name, but reprint and reprogram if the ruling was reversed by the State Supreme Court.

The next chapter will play out in that court, a seven-member panel headed by Justice Anne Burke, the wife of Ald. Ed Burke (14th).

That relationship is raising the specter of political influence because of Ald. Burke's friendship with Emanuel's rival Gery Chico, but Burt Odelson, the attorney leading the challenge to Emanuel’s candidacy, denies any issue.

"I haven't talked to Ed Burke. He's not part of this at all. He hasn't contributed anything. I haven't asked him. It's solely on the backs of my two plaintiffs. Justice Burke is a renowned justice. There's no reason for her or anyone to get off this case,” Odelson said.

Mayoral candidate Miguel del Valle will now be on the top of the ballot. He has praised the court’s decision, saying voters will now have a choice in the election and money won’t determine the outcome.

Former White House Aide Valerie Jarrett said on morning talk shows Tuesday that she believes President Obama, for whom Emanuel served as chief of staff, feels Emanuel does meet requirements to run for mayor.

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