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[PODCAST] Blacking It Up!

Greetings ONTD_Political

My name is Elon James White. I'm a writer/humorist and the host of This Week in Blackness (#TWIB) I post the latest episodes and some of the articles i write (sometimes y'all beat me to it ;-) ) in this community and always appreciate the conversation that comes from it. In all honesty it was the ONTD_Political community that made me think I might have something with #TWIB back in 2008 because you were so supportive of it. I always appreciated it and I make sure that i swing through to find out whats happening in here.

I'm writing this to give you guys a shout out about another project I'm doing. It's called "Blacking It Up!" I host it with 5 time Def Poet and mental health advocate Bassey Ikpi. It's a combination of politics, race, pop-culture and general wackiness. We're always joined by an in studio crew or guests skyping in to bring awesome Monday through Thursday at 2pm est. (11am pst - we broadcast LIVE here with a chatroom) and then its available via podcast through itunes, your favorite feed reader or on demand on iphone/android/blackberry/palm devices.

I wanted to introduce it to you guys as opposed to just postin' some promo thing like "LISTEN!" I know some of y'all have listened already but I'm hoping to be able to get feed back and start conversations with more of you. I'll be posting episodes on the community here and there (not all cause that'd be annoying ;-) ). We're hoping we can make you smile a bit while you're trying to get through your day. I hope you enjoy it.

Here's the latest episode:
If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please feel free to throw it out there. I'm all ears.
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