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Arabic Language video describing mass shootings in Suez city on the evening of the 26th January 2011

Philip Brennan | | 27 January 2011:

Translation / Transcript:

The anchor: Secretariat of the national assembly for change Ahmad … Mister Ahmad: Can you describe what is happening in suez now ?

Mr Ahmad: What is happening now in Suez goes beyond the imagination of logic and mind. What is happening in Suez now is a real streets war with all what it means .. Now on the ground, there are tens of rallies in the streets of Suez.. Now there are tens of people on the ground some injured and some killed .. There is burning of the headquarters of Arbaeen neighborhood, and the police station of Muthallath .. There is burning of the headquarter of the national party in Arbaeen .. There is an unprecedented kind of violence. The police is hitting by live and rubber bullets since yesterday.

We counted today morning 4 victims, but now the number exceeds this a lot ,, a lot more .

The anchor: Did you observe these numbers or you have numbers from hospitals or more trusted sources ?

Mr Ahmad: There is a lot of chaos that doesn’t allow you to get the exact numbers. The situation is out of control and can’t be measured by logic .. There is unprecedented violence on the ground done by the security forces in Suez . Yesterday, the rallies continued from 12 till 6:25 .. Tens of thousands of Suez citizens went out on one of the finest peaceful demonstrations. The demonstrations went on for 6 hours and not a single stone was thrown. Not even a single glass board was broken .. Till 6:25 we were leading a peaceful rallies in Suez .. We were calling for the departure of Moubarak and the necessity of political amendments .. At 6:25 the security started to clash with the citizens in a very dangerous way .. The politics was out and the issue turned into mutual violence .. In this mutual violence live and rubber bullets were used ,, The police haven’t used live bullets in any of the governorates except in Suez .. We appeal to the whole world , we appeal to the conscience, what is happening in Suez is a crime.

The anchor: OK time ran out , Mr Ahmad, the head of the Secretariat of the national assembly for change, thank you.

Major Hat Tip: gerrard2785882

Please disseminate this video with the text translation / transcript far and wide and let’s blow the Suez Massacre wide open. The translator is trustworthy as a personal friend of mine, and I will vouch for the veracity of the above translation / transcript personally.

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Source as two more videos

Reports: Internet disruptions hit Egypt

CNN Cairo Correspondent Ben Wedeman reports of the outage first-hand on Twitter.

Amid a third day of anti-government protests, Internet outages and disruptions occurred today in Egypt.

Facebook and Twitter confirmed the disruptions for their sites.

"We are aware of reports of disruption to service and have seen a drop in traffic from Egypt this morning," a Facebook spokesman said in a statement. "You may want to visit, a project of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University that offers insight into what users around the world are experiencing in terms of web accessibility."

According to, there were 459 inaccessible sites in Egypt and 621 accessible sites.

Twitter's Global PR account reported on the site that: "Egypt continues to block Twitter & has greatly diminished traffic. However, some users are using apps/proxies to successfully tweet."

Meanwhile, there were numerous outages around the Web.

Danny O'Brien, San Francisco-based Internet Advocacy Coordinator for the Committee to Protect Journalists, said to the North American Network Operators' Group (NANOG) e-mail list that the organization had lost all Internet connectivity with its contacts in Egypt and was hearing reports of loss of Internet connectivity on major broadband ISPs, SMS outage and loss of mobile service in major cities there.

"The working assumption here is that the Egyptian government has made the decision to shut down all external, and perhaps internal electronic communication as a reaction to the ongoing protests in that country," he wrote. His post included a link to a page where someone at a European-based Internet activist group has started an effort to provide alternative methods--such as shortwave and pirate radio--for protesters in Egypt to communicate with each other and the outside world.

"A major service provider for Egypt, Italy-based Seabone, reported early Friday that there was no Internet traffic going into or out of the country after 12:30 a.m. local time," the Associated Press noted. "Associated Press reporters in Cairo were also experiencing outages."

The Los Angeles Times said BlackBerry users were not able to reach the Internet on their devices.

RIM provided this statement when asked for comment: "We can confirm that RIM has not implemented any changes that would impact service in Egypt and that RIM's BlackBerry Infrastructure has continued to be fully operational throughout the day. For questions regarding a specific network in Egypt, please contact the carrier who operates the network.

A Twitter post by Ben Wedeman, CNN senior correspondent in Cairo, around 3 p.m PDT says: "No internet, no SMS, what is next? Mobile phones and land lines? So much for stability."

The Arabist blog had mixed reports, with someone in Cairo saying Internet service was down while a foreign journalist was able to get onto the Internet Semiramis Intercontinental hotel.

Twitter representatives did not respond immediately to an e-mail request for more information.

The Internet disruptions spurred activist action. Anonymous, the group that launched distributed denial-of-service attacks on Web sites of financial institutions and others opposing WikiLeaks last year, released a video online in which it threatened to launch DOS attacks on Egyptian government Web sites if the authorities did not curtail censorship efforts. Earlier today, five people were arrested in the U.K. in connection with those attacks.

Because Twitter has been found to be an effective communications tool during social unrest and protests--in Iran and Moldova, along with Tunisia and Egypt, more recently--it is an attractive target for governments to try to block, along with Facebook.

(via The Huffington Post.)

Updated 6:05 p.m. PDT with NANOG report of outages.

Read more:


Egypt: Internet down, gov't deploys special force

01/28/2011 04:46

Mohamed ElBaradei arrives in Cairo; at least 5 Muslim Brotherhood leaders, 5 former Members of Parliament apparently arrested.

CAIRO — Internet service in Egypt was disrupted and the government deployed an elite special operations force in Cairo on Friday, hours before an anticipated new wave of anti-government protests.

The developments were a sign that President Hosni Mubarak's regime was toughening its crackdown following the biggest protests in years against his nearly 30-year rule.

ElBaradei arrives in Egypt vowing to oust Mubarak
Gallery: 6 killed, 1000s arrested in Egypt protests
Police heavily deployed in Cairo following protests

The counter-terror force, rarely seen on the streets, took up positions in strategic locations, including central Tahrir Square, site of the biggest demonstrations this week.

Facebook and Twitter have helped drive this week's protests. But by Thursday evening, those sites were disrupted, along with cell phone text messaging and BlackBerry Messenger services. Then the Internet went down.

Earlier, the grass-roots movement got a double boost — the return of Nobel Peace laureate Mohamed ElBaradei and the backing of the biggest opposition group, the Muslim Brotherhood.

After midnight, security forces arrested at least five Brotherhood leaders and five former Members of Parliament, according to the group's lawyer, Abdel-Moneim Abdel-Maksoud, and spokesman, Walid Shalaby. They said security forces had also taken a large number of Brotherhood members in a sweep in Cairo and elsewhere.

The real test for the protest movement will be whether Egypt's fragmented opposition can come together, with Friday's rallies expected to be some of the biggest so far.

Social networking sites were abuzz that the gatherings called after Friday prayers could attract huge numbers of protesters demanding the ouster of Mubarak. Millions gather at mosques across the city on Fridays, giving organizers a vast pool of people to tap into.

The 82-year-old Mubarak has not been seen in public or heard from since the protests began Tuesday with tens of thousands marching in Cairo and a string of other cities. While he may still have a chance to ride out this latest challenge, his choices are limited, and all are likely to lead to a loosening of his grip on power.


More coming in at wikileaksnews and Anonymous News Network

ETA: Video that precipitated internet shut down, of a protester being shot, is here (Warning for violent, graphic content). More updates coming in here.

ETA 2: Unconfirmed, but the FB page posted last has reported that a large scale operation to round up and arrest activists is ongoing across Egypt, that hundreds have been arrested so far, and that almost all the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood have been arrested.

I may not be able to update for much longer (it's late here, and I'm exhausted), so make sure you guys check the posted sites and the comments here to keep from missing anything.

ETA 3: Al Jazeera article stating that 20 members of the Muslim Brotherhood have been arrested.

Also, the web page for the Egyptian Embassy in Canada is currently down, as is the page for Egypt's Central Bank and the Egyptian Stock Exchange. The latter was one of the only Egyptian websites still up a few hours ago.

Mini-edit:: One ham radio user reporting that "the egyptian radio waves are packed".

EDA 4 01/28: I've submitted a new post to the comm.
In breif: Police have given up in Alexandria, several NDP headquarters have been destroyed, a curfew has been set to begin at 6pm in Egypt (about 10 minutes away), and police are currently in the Al Jazeera building in Cairo and may attempt to cut the on-going live stream.
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