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Australian singer arrested in LA (falsely)

Do they usually use so many police in an arrest? (and this story has been confirmed by his agent).


GUY Sebastian was surrounded and arrested by 10 pistol-wielding police officers in Los Angeles on suspicion of grand theft auto.

Only the car he had allegedly stolen happened to be his own.

The snazzy warbler, who divides his time between Oz and the City of Angeles as he tries to get a foothold on the US market, had reported his American wheels stolen to the LAPD after the car went missing two weeks ago.

Unbeknown to Sebastian, the car had been towed.

Returning Down Under from his second home to sing on the Today show live from Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane, he was overheard telling the ever-sympathetic Kerri-Anne Kennerley about his dramatic arrest.

"The car apparently turned up at a random impound so he (Sebastian) went to pick it up himself," our backstage eavesdropper said.

"Not long after getting it back, 10 police jumped him, got him out of the car and arrested him at a carwash.

"Guns drawn, cuffs, everything!

"He was saying to them 'Look, this is my car and I have recently reported it stolen'.

"They still took him to the cop shop but he was released, of course, after he proved it was his car."

Our source said the X-Factor judge was "laughing" when re-telling the story of the arrest to KAK. His management yesterday confirmed the incident.

The bungle takes to two the amount of unpleasant run-ins Sebastian has had since moving Stateside with his wife, Julie Egan.

In early 2009 he was held at knifepoint outside a Subway outlet following a late-night session in a recording studio.

It came just one month after the Australian Idol favourite had relocated to the US.

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