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Republican legislators in Ohio TP a colleague's house

The Metro (UK): Ohio's Jay Hottinger blames politician pals for toilet papering his house

Politics is considered to be a dirty business, which is perhaps why a US official woke recently to find his property covered in toilet paper and is now accusing his fellow Republicans of the prank.

Jay Hottinger, a representative of the state legislature in Ohio, is accusing his politician pals of covering his car, fence and mailbox with toilet paper, although he admits it was all in good humour.

Top of Mr Hottinger's list of culprits is state senator Mark Wagoner, who he claimed asked him for his address a few days before the incident.

Mr Wagoner admitted to playing a part in the prank but reassured voters it was not done on the taxpayers' time, the Toledo Blade reported.

'I was not one of the people who did the toilet papering, although I did help get the toilet paper. Jay is a good friend... It was all good natured,' the senator said, adding it was Mr Hottinger that originally put the idea in the group's head at recent retreat.

Although Mr Hottinger has said he is not going to hold a grudge against his fellow Republicans, he did warn: 'That's not to say I won't pay them back at some point.'
For a U.S. source, NPR has an audio report here.

And we all think government is serious business. I guess these guys don't!
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