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Political Circus: Snooki gushes over Dubya


Jersey Shore's Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, appearing at the Washington Auto Show in D.C., weighed in on who's cuter -- Bush or Obama, according to the Washington Post's Celebritology blog.

The Shore's little diva said, "I thought George Bush was pretty cute... for an old man."

Wait, who's my senator?

New York Magazine's "Daily Intel" blog reports that Snooki came face to face with New York Sen. Chuck Schumer at Reagan National Airport this week -- and gave him quite the snub. Snooki, it should be pointed out, is from New York.

"As Schumer waits, she doesn't even acknowledge his presence. Schumer leaves after a few seconds because he is a senator. A flustered cameraman asks Snooki if she knows her senator just passed by, and Snooki says, 'Oh, really?' "

Tags: george (h.)w. bush / bush family, lol wut, slow news day™

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