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Maricopa County Sheriff warns deputies to avoid McDonalds

Phoenix New Times: Joe Arpaio Makes Eating at McDonald's Risky Business for Deputies
Next time you're at McDonald's, just ask for the MCSO special.
By James King, Fri., Feb. 4 2011 @ 3:28PM

​If you work for the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, you probably won't be tempted to eat at McDonald's anytime soon -- because your boss, Joe Arpaio, claims doing so might be a risk to your health.

But not for the usual reasons.

Arpaio issued a warning today to all MCSO employees to use caution when dining under the golden arches following an incident involving one of his deputies and some employees at a Mesa McDonald's yesterday.

According to the sheriff, a uniformed MCSO deputy was at a McDonald's at 1460 West Southern Avenue when some of the employees identified him as a sheriff's deputy and started calling him -- and Arpaio -- a (probably "fucking") racist.

Turns out, that same McDonalds was the target of an employer-sanctions investigation by the Sheriff's Office on March 26, 2010, where four illegal immigrants were arrested for ID theft. Three other nearby McDonald's were also tied into that same investigation, where 13 other illegal aliens were arrested.

The deputy in yesterday's incident refused to take his food from the disgruntled employees and reported the incident to Arpaio and McDonald's corporate headquarters.

Arpaio's overreaction is as follows:

"I am not asking my employees to avoid McDonalds completely," Arpaio says. "But I
do think that anytime one of them is in uniform or driving a marked vehicle, out of an
abundance of caution, he or she should use some discretion when deciding where to eat."

We got news for ya, Joe: there are probably Hispanics who hate your guts in every kitchen in Maricopa County -- these McDonald's employees just had the balls to say it.

Wow, as a former fast food worker (Jack-in-the-Box and Wendy's), telling off the cops was the last thing we'd do. We were told by our managers to give the police free food, even though their accepting it was against regulations. Things would have to get so bad that we hated the cops worse than the criminals to do what the McDonalds employees did. Reading the article, that seems to have happened. I wouldn't like the cops much either if they had arrested a bunch of my co-workers for what I thought was no good reason.
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